You Can Be a Hero Too

This is a short video of an ordinary young man who lives alone and works a meager job to have something to eat. He lives in an ordinary apartment with his dog and he goes to work everyday, meeting all kinds of people, animals and even a plant along the way.

From an old lady vendor that he helps carry the food court cart through, a mother beggar with her young girl on her side, a dog that he gives food to, a withering plant that he moved to have access to water, to an old lady neighbor whom he secretly gives a bunch of bananas on her door. All these people he offered what meager resource he have. All that matters to him is the difference he makes to their lives. A mother beggar can now send her child to school, a homeless dog found a home with him, a plant that is now healthy and green, a food cart vendor that he happily helps and is now sharing to him some food and a happy old lady from next door that he received a hug from.

We are all enjoined to love and be an everyday hero for others. Not for anything but for the mere happiness that it brings to us. 

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