The video shows a story of a young student named Edwin who struggles to make both ends meet. Working in the market during the night and going to school during the day sometimes takes its toll in him. He often sleeps during class that’s his grades dropped. When asked by his good teacher he says “I’m tired, very tired”. Now this good teacher vowed to help Edwin rise up above his situation and so every after class, she gave him free tutorials for him to cope up. She acts like a good parent to him offering him meals, advice and encouragement.

One day Edwin got into trouble and found himself in jail. From then on, he never showed up for school even after he was released from his short detention. He went back to work in the market. But everyday he received texts from his teacher encouraging him to go back and he constantly ignores it. Until one day the teacher showed up and looked at him straight into his eyes, “Don’t you have bigger dreams, Edwin?”

That was a turning point. Now, Edwin showed up in the same school walking through the aisles with memories of his school days. He went looking for his good teacher and said, “Mrs. Chong, it’s time for dinner.” Edwin is now successful and looked back with gratitude to the great teacher who made a difference in his life. 

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