Hospital Window

This is a poignant short clip about two strangers sharing one hospital room. One of them is an old man, whose bed is near the window and one younger man on the other side with bandage on both eyes, probably not getting a chance to see again. The man beside the window is due for an operation in the next few days. While waiting for that day to come, he spends the day chit chatting with his roommate while describing what he sees out from the window.

One day he describes a scenario from out of the window that of a man and a woman, apparently lovers who are having a difficult moment. According to the old man, the young man is trying to win the heart of his girl and gives her flowers but the girl throws them away. The old man from the hospital room describes it as vividly as possible that his roommate can feel the entire scenario like he was actually seeing it! Both men were enjoying the moment with one describing the view from outside the window and the other one imagining it.

One day, the old man describes a very romantic scenario. This time, he said the lovers are both in the park as he sees from his window and the young man bends on his knees giving a ring to the woman and eventually they kissed. It was a very romantic scenario. The man on the other side of the hospital room could actually feel the love from the scenario as described by his roommate. He was very grateful to his roommate for making it possible for him to “see” without his eyes. They both enjoyed the moment.

Then it was time for the old man’s operation. “If it’s time, it’s time”, he said and bid goodbye to his roommate. It was their last encounter. The old man did not make it.

Saddened by the news, the younger man tried to lift his spirits and requested the nurse to describe the park from outside the window, just like what the old man used to do. The nurse wondered and told him that there was nothing outside but a blank brick wall. After a moment of astonishment, the young man, still with bandage on both his eyes let out a soft quick but hearty laugh. His roommate did all he could do to make him feel better on during his hospital stay, even if he himself is going through something difficult himself.  A genuine act of selfless kindness to others. 

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