A very inspirational video showing the value and the rewards you reap when you “pay it forward”. The video shows a young boy who asks for a birthday cake from his mother while they were in a bakeshop. Apparently, his mom could not afford it but the boy obviously wants the cake so much. An older man overheard the young boy and the mother. 

This kind man bought the cake and gave it to the boy. The boy was very happy and asks how he could repay, the older man smiled while he was about to leave, he left a note with the words “a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”. The young boy who received the note remembered the lesson he learned and had one day did the same to a young girl who wanted a cake for her grandpa. He did the same thing, bought the cake and gave the young girl the same note that he received from a stranger before. Later on, the video showed the impact of the message because the young girl’s grandpa was the same man who gave the boy the cake years ago.

This video is a kind reminder to everyone that whatever kindness we show to our fellowman will have a rippling effect to us in another time or in any other form. Kindness begets kindness.

The Power Of Music

An inspirational video of a young school boy with his guitar constantly being ridiculed for his weird music and weird guitar tune.  Just like any other teenager this young man also experienced bullying and peer pressure. One day, the bullies from a school band witnessed how he was working hard for his song to help raise fund for his mother’s cancer treatment. 

The young boy in his school uniform would sing along streets hoping for some people to give him some alms as his way of raising funds for his mom. It is a heartwarming gesture and eventually the bullies came around and helped him by singing and playing musical instruments along with his own music that they once called weird.

This is a very heartwarming video of the power of music.


A powerful inspiring video of Derek Redmond, a runner who is favored to medal in the Olympic 400 meter sprint, showing his brave effort not to give up despite his injury. 

The video shows an actual marathon race showing Derek running fast, determined to win. Unfortunately, 150 meters into the race he felt a searing pain and painfully fell into the ground with a torn hamstring muscle. Anybody could just imagine how painful it was and it was expected that he will just stop his race. After some heavy breath, crutching his painful leg, the strong athlete stood up and limped his way to the race. Despite organizers stopping him, he continued to run limping with his painful leg.

 One man broke through security and helped him. It was his Dad. It was a touching moment. His Dad told him that there was no need for him to do it but Derek insisted and so his Dad told him that they will finish it together. His Dad helped him through the race and before reaching the finish line, he let Derek go and let the athlete finish the race on his own. There was a huge standing ovation from over 65,000 crowd. It was indeed a meaningful show of determination. “When you don’t give up, you cannot fail”.