"I'm sorry"

I'm so sorry for giving up everything I have just for you.
Sorry for being there when you needed me even when you can’t be there at times that I looked-for you. 
Sorry for taking risks just to be with you when I’m still at work.
Sorry if I’m too clingy.
Sorry if I don’t go with my friends anymore because you don’t want to.
Sorry if all I ever wanted was for you to be honest.
Sorry for asking you if you love me.
For not giving up on us when you feel like not holding on anymore;
for reminding you to build your dreams for our future.
Sorry for holding on this long.
Sorry for loving you too much that I forget to love myself.
Sorry If I chose to love you with all of me.

P.S for yab2


  1. wow naman.. Saying sorry sometimes quiet difficult but through this it could be easy... like!!

  2. True. People are having tough times saying this word.

  3. Is this a poem? Well if yes this is so nice. I can relate on this one, I made allot of mistake for my love ones and for myself too. I hope sorry is enough to lighten those pain.

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  5. Yes, this is a message for the one I L♥ve. SOrry for including it here :D

  6. beautiful poem, very touching and sincere...
    i love the part...
    "Sorry if I don’t go with my friends anymore because you don’t want to"
    I did that, in the name of love ;)

  7. just two words, but of the times hard to say.

  8. Two words is enough to show that you care.