This is a true story of a young woman, perhaps a teen, named Jane, who has unexpectedly encountered a major opportunity to experience love in the most unconditional way. It was a choice of a big responsibility to be a young mother to a cute baby named June.

Jane is a senior student who was judged by the people around her to have a child from a sugar daddy when she was still 18. Every day she goes to school and rushes home to fetch June from school who has now grown to become a cheeky loving little girl. She faces each day with a typical hardship of a mother raising a young child plus the extra ridicule and rumors around purposely talking ill about her. Little did they know that it was a sacrifice that only a real love could do. She’d rather have them talk ill about her than let them know the truth.

The day that she found baby June from the trash, inside a bag was a major turning point for her teenager life into becoming more than a real mother and experience real unconditional love. The story depicts the cruelty of society yet it also shows that real love and hope still blossoms in the heart of a few who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of love. Every woman is beautiful in the eyes of the people who love them most because no amount of negative things can destroy true unconditional love. 

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