This is a short video about a young boy who hates his father. He did not understand why they are poor despite his father working so hard. The young boy did not think that his father was very smart. He often disrespects him and vowed to himself that when he grows up, he won’t be like his father who was poor and unsuccessful. 

His father was a hardworking man and he provides for their needs. The father teaches his child to spare some from his allowance to pay for “taxes” just like what he does. This was the time the young boy asked why they are not rich. The father answered that it is not how much you receive but how much you give that makes you rich because somehow it makes you happy.

The young boy did not understand it. Years passed and the son left his father and worked hard to become a successful professional. Eventually his father died and the son went home still unhappy and ungrateful to his father. Until he discovered that all the hard work that his father does was for sharing to others specially to the less fortunate orphans from a nearby orphanage. The son was into tears when he realized how great and honorable his father was. He now understood the value of giving and all the lessons his father taught him when he was a young boy. 

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