A powerful inspiring video of Derek Redmond, a runner who is favored to medal in the Olympic 400 meter sprint, showing his brave effort not to give up despite his injury. 

The video shows an actual marathon race showing Derek running fast, determined to win. Unfortunately, 150 meters into the race he felt a searing pain and painfully fell into the ground with a torn hamstring muscle. Anybody could just imagine how painful it was and it was expected that he will just stop his race. After some heavy breath, crutching his painful leg, the strong athlete stood up and limped his way to the race. Despite organizers stopping him, he continued to run limping with his painful leg.

 One man broke through security and helped him. It was his Dad. It was a touching moment. His Dad told him that there was no need for him to do it but Derek insisted and so his Dad told him that they will finish it together. His Dad helped him through the race and before reaching the finish line, he let Derek go and let the athlete finish the race on his own. There was a huge standing ovation from over 65,000 crowd. It was indeed a meaningful show of determination. “When you don’t give up, you cannot fail”.

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