"All a girl really wants is . . . "

At a young age, girls already believe and dreamed to find their prince charming. As they grow up, they meet various people. Some are friends, while some become lovers. Throughout the years, women will encounter men that would break them, shatter them into pieces and give them pain that is unbearable. Yet, one day she would stand up again, stronger and more knowledgeable. A woman would sometimes focus on career to distract her feelings. However, in reality, deep inside her heart is a woman believing that she would still find her prince. Somewhere out there is a man who would fulfill her dreams, needs and desire.

There would always be a man that would prove you that love truly exist. Why? It is because love can change a person, a man who meets his true love would change for the best. He will become a man you have never met before. A man who would prove you that he is capable of love, contrary to popular belief. It is just a matter of believing and never giving up. 


  1. True. Girls are not all the same they have differences in life.

  2. So true and girls wants to have that man who has experienced to be broken hearted so they will not break their last girl if ever.