"Love never dies a natural death . . . "

Love is an everlasting feeling as long as you believe in it. Unlike life that eventually ends as time passes by, love will always prevail as long as people feels it even if the one they love has already passed away. Think about this, love is a feeling we share with friends, family and our soul mates. As long as we find a way to rekindle the fire of love, it will never be lost.

When you believe in love, it will find its way to you. However, for someone who has a heart of stone, no matter how people try to show you love, it will never reveal itself to you. For love only lives in the heart of people who believes in it, as long as you have faith it will never die.


  1. True and A great message for those people saying love will die.

  2. True! and real love never die and as long as people are giving hope and love there is always happiness.

  3. Love is still present even if the person who loves died.