"Little boys play around. while - REAL MEN settle down."

It is said that males have a late onset of maturity. Most society dictates that females reach the age of maturity first. Thus, women tend to focus on their future at a young age. The question is at what age do boys become men? In reality, there is no force of nature that would dictate boys to become men. The idea would just sink in, once they finally realize that life is not all about them. Although, maturity doesn’t mean that one must be serious in life. It is because sometimes growing up requires a little childishness.

Most women think that once they reach a certain age, childish acts are left behind. But in reality, silliness is part life. It is what makes life easier despite all adversities. For boys, moving forward to stabilization is growing up. They become men once they fully understand that childish acts are mere distractions.  A man ready to settle down, resist temptations and build a stable future and relationship is the ideal definition of a boy becoming a real man.


  1. This is a good definition about Boys and Men. thumbs up to you

  2. Very well said, and boys need to learn how to be a real man the time when there are all mature enough to get the girl they want.

  3. The real man is the one that marries you! :)