"When you become grateful for small pleasures, your Outlook changes and Opportunities seem to open up Everywhere in your Life."

In reality, every single achievement you gain though small or irrelevant to others is full of meaning. The problem with today’s society is that they don’t know when is enough? Most people seek for more because they want to achieve fame and success. However, let me ask you something, what is success for you? Depending on your point of view and level of contentment this will vary. Think about this, every little thing you encounter in life is a challenge. Surviving every adversity in life is already a success. If you look at things in this angle, you will see life in a positive outlook.

It is only when you feel satisfied and content with your life, you will recognize opportunities. It is because when you look at things in a broader aspect, your focus is within that path alone. In reality, opportunities disguise themselves as mischief. And this is why only few become successful. It is because they take things small, opened themselves with numerous opportunities and survived every adversity they encounter. 


  1. great things starts from small things! this blog is really nice!

  2. Very true. There is a saying, "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same". Be grateful in every little thing that comes your way. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great and big opportunities. Learn to be contented and know your limits. Success is waiting for those people who are patient enough to wait and embrace it when the perfect time came.

  3. This is a great reminder. Stay on the positive side.