“Leave your fears behind”

Don’t fear, for God is with us, at moments when it seem that you are struggling by yourself and if you think that he is not listening, He will turn up when you call for Him. Don’t fear for when there is rain, there will be sunlight; when there are storms, surely there will be clear paths, prettier days will come your way. 

Don’t fear, since there is nobody and nothing to fear, the only being that will be able to stop you is yourself. Do not permit your doubts or worries to exclude you from fulfilling your future and following your dreams. Fear not for you are following your spirit, and with a courageous heart, and limitless purpose you can go anyplace you desire, and be someone that you would like to be.

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  1. A good way to face all the odds in life. you should leave all the fears behind you and don't look back. Thanks you