“Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough”

In the battle between good and evil, what people don’t know is that the logic behind it is contentment and gratitude. Why so? Think about it, people do selfish acts because of greed. In simple terms, we don’t know when is enough and when is too much. In reality, even little things count. We don’t need too many material things. If we die, these tangible things will remain, get old and become useless things unless. Contentment, if learn to acknowledge everything we have though cheap and small that’s priceless. Gratitude, if we consider everything as a blessing even if it is minute, it’s all worth it. Why? It is simply because you earned it. You strive for it. And that is enough if you did your best. Wealth, fame, greatness are mere obstacles we are trying to reach. In reality, life alone is a blessing that we should be thankful for. That is enough reason for everyone one to be satisfied.

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  1. Everything that makes you happy is a blessing which you must be thankful about.