Forgiveness is the same as Forgetting

We often hear the term forgive and forget but the difficult part is the concept of forgetting the events that happened in relation to the conflict. It is not easy to stop thinking about all the pain and suffering that you felt during the moment. It is effortless to forgive people that have done something wrong against you but forgetting what they did to you is another story. In a way, you are not actually forgiving the person for what they did to you and this will change that you interact or even talk to them after the incident. Nothing will be the same. 


  1. Hmm, sounds true to me... I think I can remember some names who had done things against me but I tried to forgive them for their wrongdoings but now have forgotten what they really did...

  2. A single mistake could ruin someone's trust and it will never be the same next time around.