"You are so beautiful without these things"

Beauty is Not Seen by Eyes Alone. There may be lots of phrases which describe a person’s beauty. However, you should know that the eyes are not the only ones who can see true splendor. You don’t only see it because for you to discover that prettiness in you, you should as well feel it. The heart sees more things that the eyes can. So take care of your heart and be mindful of how you act in front of people. Even without that expensive make up you can be considered as the very beautiful person in the world if you feel that you really are and your heart says so.


  1. thumbs up for this. People should realize that every girl if beautiful without this kind of things.

  2. I'm glad that woman nowadays motivates everyone to not put too much make up on their faces because indeed they are more beautiful without it. But the most important is the beauty within a woman's heart.