Positivity and Solution

“Ask yourself this question: ‘Will this matter a year from now?’”

There are events in our life where we get disappointed, frustrated, angry and sad. During this time, we are often so caught up in the moment that sometimes, we forget to think. We are sometimes held by all of these feelings. On the other hand, if you ask yourself, “will this matter a year from now”? What is the answer to it? Obviously, it won’t matter because before this year ends, you will definitely encounter more happy events in your life that will make up for that frustrating, maddening or sad events that you’re having now. There is always a solution to every problem, all you have to do is to think positive through all this. You’ll see, you will get out of it sooner than you think, happier and stronger. 


  1. A positive idea for people are in toughs times that they are losing hope about their problems. A inspirational topic thanks I also asked myself too..

  2. I've once tell that to myself and I'm glad I made the right decision. This is very inspiring question because you can figure out if its worth it.