“Always Hope But Never Expect”

In life, you will encounter a lot of different things. As humans, we all have a lot of “wants” and “needs” that we have to fulfill for ourselves and for our loved ones. There are certain events in one’s life when a person gets to the point that he/she wants something really bad. It may be because it can change his or her life for the better. In this case, one should hope but never expect things to work out the way he or she wants it to. Expectations often lead to disappointments and expectations can also reach the impossible things a mind can think of, something out of the ordinary, something that is not possible to happen but once it takes over your mind, you will be on this kind of high and once it doesn’t happen, you will be very disappointed. It’s okay to hope but as much as possible, don’t expect because sometimes life has a funny way of making us realize this by not letting it happen when you expect so much. 

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  1. Expecting too much can sometimes push you to do something not good!