"She turned her can'ts into CANS, and her dreams into PLANS "

For almost centuries now, women are viewed as inferior to men. They viewed men as the achiever. However, today, women empowerment has become more acceptable. Today men and women are equals. This started because women finally realized that they deserve to be recognized. Men before would normally dictate that women can’t but throughout the years women turned these can’t into cans and become successful. Before, women can only dream.

Today, women dream and made those dreams into actions. This only shows that women are strong, independent and talented beings. No one has the right to bring you down without a fight. Prove to the world that you are capable of dreaming and making it reality. 


  1. Yes women and men should befair. there are things that women can also do! Go girl power! :-)

  2. There's a lot of famous woman that have great achievements and there are truly an inspiration.