"Everything in life is temporary . . ."

Changes are inevitable in life. The truth is life doesn’t promise you anything that is everlasting. Even life alone ends at a certain point. That is why a lot of quotations recommend enjoying life to the fullest. With that being said, everything in life would change if you don’t give value to it. A classic example is wealth. Without proper consideration to its worth, it would vanquish in no time. Likewise, trails will always be there. It is what makes a person strong and more knowledgeable.

These life’s phenomena are not permanent as well. Once you’ve learned something in it, you will notice that your problems are solved. If you are feeling down because of these phenomena, think about this simple thought. Nothing in life lasts forever. If you fight all adversities with all you strength and knowledge, life would surely bring you great fruits. It is just a matter of determination to win and achieve things that you want. 


  1. this blog simply tells life's uncertainty! very nice..

  2. true enjoy things that you have :)

  3. yeah, right! In our life there is always a choice. If you have the wealth, learn to share it with people that needs it. Life is temporary, grab the chance to make a change to other people lives.