Everyone has a story to tell. That is what makes life interesting. You learn by listening and understanding each story. That is the vital reason why ears are created, for you to listen. Once in a while, you are entitled to talk, to teach and to move another person’s perspectives. However, one must also listen and contemplate each story, situation and teachings in order to learn. There are instances that you talk non-stop even if doesn’t make sense. This is because you want someone to listen and to understand you. For that reason, consider other people, they also want the same thing. Truth be told, sometimes when we are depressed and low all we need is someone who would just listen and say nothing. It is human’s way of releasing anger, sorrow and despair. Everyone at some point reached this moment, your role is to listen and give the floor to that person. That is life. It’s all about give and take.

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  1. Appreciated it, A good conversation starts from a good listener. thumbs up