Loving back the ones who Care

I don't have time to hate people who hate me because I'm too busy loving people who loves me

Whatever you do, there will still be people who will not like you. Do not spend your time hating back these people because there are more people who are worth your time. Minding your haters will just make your life miserable. These kinds of people have miserable lives and they pass this by making the lives of others miserable. People who loves and cares about you deserves all your time. They are making your life worth living so you should do the same to their lives. If you take for granted people who love you, you might possibly lose them. 


  1. I do believe being surrounded by the one you love really makes you strong!Nice post....

  2. Exactly! We all deserves to be happy and have a positive people around us, and that makes the world more beautiful. Nice post!

  3. Its good to know that there is so many people who understand this these so fast than being lonely and stuck in sorrows. The most important thing in this world is understand what love is, then share it.

  4. We can't please everybody. Seven out of ten people will just criticize
    you. Focus to people who are always there to love and support you

  5. Life is short, love while you still can.

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